World Heart Day 2020 – Theme, Celebration Date, History and Significance

World Heart Day 2020 – Theme, Celebration Date, History and Significance. When is World Heart Day 2020 Celebrated. Read complete details regarding Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day 2020 Theme – 29 September 2020

World Heart Day Celebration is done every year on 29th September. World Heart Day Theme, Date, History, and Significance are given in the post below. World Heart Day 2020 is going to be the first world celebration small eve after the end of COVID-19. World Heart Day is organized by the World Heart Federation (WHO) with the help of other Organisations like World Health Organisation (WHO), the UN Organisation and many other organizations combinedly celebrate with many activities and themes. You can read the Why and How World Health Day is celebrated.

When is World Heart Day 2020 Celebrated?

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September every year. Since 1999 the World Heart Day is celebrated. World Heart Day has a motive to reduce 25% of heart problems until 2025.

Why World Heart Day is Celebrated?

World Heart Day is celebrated to spread the awareness among the people about the cardiologic disease. World Heart Day has an aim to reduce the death rate caused by heart diseases. The Death rate due to Cardiovascular disease is at number one. About 17.5 million people die every year due to Heart issues. World Heart Day was created to inform people around the world about heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death all around the world.

What is the History Behind World Heart Day? 

The First World Heart Day celebrated in the year 1999. In 1999 the World Heart Federation (WHF) collaborate with the World Health Organisation to spread public awareness on heart or cardiologic diseases. Its become an annual event and people start to celebrate it annually.

Historic Idea and First Celebration 

The functional president of WHF Mr. Antoni Bayes de Luna first structured the idea of the program and the event. Mr. Luna works with the functional president of WHF in the tenure from 1997 to 1999. As per the meeting and expediency, it is decided that the World Heart Day is celebrated on every last Sunday of September.

Historic Celebration Every Year

The World Heart Day was first celebrated 29 September as it was the last Sunday. As per the history every year unique themes were made which are relevant to the Heart. The World Heart Federation (WHF) has taken the responsibility to celebrate this event every year. Every year new members are made with new responsibilities.

The World Heart Federation has been instrumental in carrying out the event year after year. It’s a serving nongovernmental organization entrusted with planning, implementation, engaging volunteers, finding resources, and setting up a relevant and unique theme every year.

How World Heart Day is Celebrated

As we know World Heart Day is celebrated every year around the world. The World Heart Federation celebrates the event by spreading awareness in more than 100 countries every year. On this day governments and non-government also celebrate and motivate people towards this event.  These manage activities like fun runs, public talks, concerts, and sporting events on this day.

What happens on World Heart Day

The World Heart Federation celebrated with great efforts and with lots of activities. Governments and non-government also celebrate with many activities that spread message and support towards heart patients and heart diseases. Let’s have an observation on these World Heart Day Activities:

  • Health checks.
  • Sports events, including walks, runs and fitness sessions.
  • Public talks and science forums
  • Stage shows and concerts.
  • Exhibitions.

As we know the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Heart Federation (WHF) have joined hands so all these activities are done in partnership. The UN’s directing and coordinating authority for health also helps in these activities.

Significance of World Heart Day

As we all know the deaths due to Heart heart disease increasing every year around 17 million people die every year due to heart disease. As we all know prevention is the best way to deal with heart problems. A healthy diet and exercise are the best ways by which anyone can maintain all the Heart problems.

The European study of cardiology putting efforts to reduce the global occurrence of heart diseases has stressed upon the fact that awareness fabrication and better education on heart health can reduce the Heart Health Issues. The strong influences on reducing hypertension, maintaining healthy blood sugar, normal functioning of cardiac structure in turn linked to good brain health.

Through the awareness and significance of diseases like stroke and heart attacks are being handout with a positive response. Thus many health organization and institution teach about the exercise and diets which deals with heart health.

What is Theme of World Heart Day 2020

Every year World Heart Federation Celebrates the World Heart Day with the medical themes. These deal with the health issues of the heart. Lets read some of these themes:

In 1999 the very first world heart day was celebrated with the theme of Physical Activity. This theme has a motive to inspire people towards physical activities like walking, cycling, jogging, etc. And this theme also aware about the daily life activities

Then in the year 2003, the world’s heart day was celebrated with a special and motive theme that was centered on Women Heart Disease. This was due to the rise in the death rate of women due to heart issues. Thus in 2003, it became an necessary to have a theme based on women heart health issues.

In 2008 the theme was based on the awareness which and named as Know Your Risk. This theme has a motive to teach and aware people about the Heart Diseases. Symptoms were taught of heart disease and how to improve the heart health was taught.

In 2019 the theme was centered with My Heart Our Heart. This theme was completely based on the caring. The theme explains the great meaning of caring for other heart health issues. Taking care of ourselves and our families was the main motive of the theme regarding the heart diseases.

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